What areas can you work on?

Here's an idea of the projects that we typically tackle! -->

  • HOME ORGANIZATION:  Kitchen · Pantry · Cabinets · Junk Drawers · Bedroom · Closets · Clothing · Kids Room · Bathroom · Garage · Storage Space · Filing System · Paper Management

  • MOVES: Pre-move Purging · Packing · Unpacking · Post-move Setup

How soon can I book a session? 

We require 48 hours advance booking for first-time clients. Appointments are available 10am-8pm Monday–Saturday, and you can check upcoming availabilities HERE.

What are your rates?

Our hourly rate for one organizer is $85, with a 3-hour session minimum. We most often work in 4-hour sessions. For projects that require additional manpower (moves, garages, basements), adding a junior organizer/assistant is $60 per hour.

How much can we get done in one session?

Check out our before & afters page: every one of these spaces were transformed within 3-6 hours! We HAVE been dubbed the Energizer Bunny more than once...

How many sessions will I need? Can you give me a quote?

Because organizing speed is dependent on our beloved clients’ decision-making speed, the types of things to be organized (e.g. papers vs. clothes), and the density of clutter, we have no quotable standards for a “room”! In general, one 4-hour session is typically enough to tackle 1 mid-sized closet, 2 smaller closets, or get started on a larger room. A bedroom might be an investment of 2-4 sessions.

Do you do _______?

  • Packing? Absolutely – moving boxes love us! We’ll have ‘em reeling after we swoop in with our nifty color-coded labels & spreadsheets. We handle the “stuff,” and we recommend using your moving company’s services for packing furniture and large artwork.

  • Unpacking? Yes! Start out on the right foot by finding a home for everything and make sure ALL those pesky boxes get unpacked. Our one day unpack option with 3 organizers is a good place to start!

  • Closet design? Negative, but we’ll help you make the best use of that sparkly new investment! We recommend TCS Closets (Elfa system) or California Closets for luxury feel, or Easy Closets for budget-friendly DIY. Schedule a session with 2 organizers here to get help organizing the new closet to perfection!

  • Filing? Certainly!

  • Cleaning? Not our wheelhouse. But cleaning will be SO much easier after we’re done (clear floors & counters, what!?). We love Carpe Diem Cleaning (eco-conscious, women-owned business, and they give back to the community!), if you need a recommendation.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes! If that special someone has been aching for help getting that one crazy room in order, we can send you a gift voucher. However it's very important that the recipient has expressed interest & openness to having outside help! The process will only be worth the investment when someone is 100% onboard.

I’m so embarrassed, I never let anyone see my mess! Is mine the worst you’ve ever seen??

Absolutely not! And you are not the only one to worry that you’re “just like that TV show!” If you are willing to reach out for help, then it’s 99.9% likely that you are not a "hoarder." Everyone has their own area of "mental block" making it difficult to let go of things holding them back. We NEVER judge your process; we never judge your space; we will never force you to get rid of something; we practice 100% confidentiality regarding your situation; and we compassionately support you in making the steps YOU are ready to make.

How do I prepare for your visit – is there anything I need to get in advance?

Before our session I'll email you a few simple things (think: trash bags) that would be helpful to have on hand. If we're working with your clothes, do laundry first; if we're organizing a kitchen have the dishes done. Otherwise, it's most helpful to see your space as it is on a day-to-day basis!

Do I need to be there?

Yes (and sometimes no)! We're clearing out the things that don't serve you, and making space for your home to reflect your values & passions... see the consistent word there? :) We need your input for what is trash or treasure and to know how you'll use the space, and we'll make the best use of time working side-by-side. But, if necessary, you can flow in and out: we can sort items to prepare for you to swoop in and make decisions, and we can implement storage solutions independently. We also offer maintenance visits, which can require less involvement from you.

[NYC clients] Do you service New Jersey / Long Island / etc?

Short answer: We happily show up anywhere accessible by public transit! The details: Our no-fee service area is anywhere in NYC within 1-hour travel from our biz (zip 10027). We’ll travel up to one additional hour one-way, at a rate of $50/hour in 15-minute increments + reimbursement for travel costs. For long-distance inquiries, please message us directly!

I’m SO ready! Let's book a session to work on [fill in the blank]!

Hooray, we're excited to get started! Follow the link below:

I have a question that wasn't listed above...

Sure thing, let's get in touch!