As a mom who lived in a 600 sq ft New York City apartment with a 2- and a 4-year-old, I know what it is to feel totally stressed out by clutter – to have a husband who won't clean up after himself (sorry babe!), toys overflowing, extra people staying in your house, a schedule too busy to clean up between getting home from work and collapsing into bed...

I also know how life changing it can be when you transform your home
from a constant source of stress,
into a place that revives you and serves you.


I'm not a minimalist... but we choose to live with less. Our home is not stark – it’s homey and vintage and well worn, my floors could use a mopping, but the physical space of my home is organized, manageable (dare I say easy!?) to tidy and it brings me joy when I come home to it!

When you walk into a room and see only A) things that are useful to your family routine, or B) things that you love or find beautiful... that feeling lifts you up. It give you a sense of HOME. It reminds you why you work so hard, why it’s all worth it. It's like seeing your child’s smile!

Once I hit that sweet spot, I was transformed. I can't go back! And I became a professional organizer because I believe that YOU can have it as well.

How? The fastest way I've found is simply to have less stuff. Progressive layers of purging, until you know that everything you own either SERVES YOU or MAKES YOU HAPPY. And then – intuitive systems that everyone can follow, to keep it in order. 

We can help you get there.