These packages were created with YOU in mind! Disorganization and chaos are costing you time, money, and mental peace – my goal is to turn that around! Your home can support you in your busy life and be a restful haven from the city hustle.

In my experience working with New Yorkers, I’ve found that a focused effort within a limited timeline is most effective to transform your space and learn habits to make the change last.

We all know how the ONE item on the counter magically draws 25 other things to it! Chaos is contagious and clutter attracts clutter. When you complete a full room or an entire home you’re less likely to slide back into old habits, and it’s easier to do regular touchups.

This is why we’ve formulated these packages for you! Through them we can deliver great value and use your time efficiently. By choosing a package that matches your goals, you’re making a commitment to yourself to see the process through and get the best results!


nyc organizing apartment 2.jpeg


FRESH START package | 6 months

This package is for those who feel like everything has gotten out of hand and are ready to invest in a total reorganization of their home! During your in-home sessions we will declutter and clean up every pile, set up systems for every room, and find a place for every item. In the video coaching sessions, we’ll walk you through organizing an area of your choice, leaving you with ‘homework’ tasks to do in between sessions.

Example coverage: 2-bedroom apartment – master bedroom, kids room, home office, linen closet, utility closet, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, living room + 3 coaching areas of choice (e.g. paper filing, jewelry, storage unit)

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NEXT LEVEL package | 3 months

This package is for those who feel like things are 'mostly organized', but want to take care of a few out-of-control areas, learn strategies to stay organized, and take their home to the 'next level'! By combining your in-home sessions with one video coaching session you’ll have hands-on support to tackle the areas where you feel overwhelmed and you’ll get guided practice in how to undertake the decluttering process on your own.

Example coverage: 1 bedroom & 2 small closets

nyc apartment organizing 1.jpeg


INDEPENDENT package | 3 months

This package is for those who are motivated to tackle their clutter on their own, but need guidance, expertise, and support! We start with a video walkthrough of your home to establish your goals, list the projects to be done, and create a timeline. We’ll have one in-home session to give you a kickstart and show you how the decluttering process works. On the rest of the coaching sessions, we’ll walk you through organizing one area at a time on your own, leaving you with ‘homework’ tasks to do in between sessions.

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Your first organizing session starts with a 30-minute consultation and home walkthrough to talk through your organizing challenges and your goals. During the rest of the session, we take you through the process of 1. sorting & decluttering an area of your home, 2. boxing unwanted items for donation or removal, and 3. setting up functional systems in your home. We teach techniques so you can sustain those systems, share resources & tips, and provide support & accountability.

$85 / hour + 3-hour minimum