I was embarrassed for Lindsay to see my completely unorganized junk pile of a room at first, but it didn't phase her...I actually think it energized her. In a few hours she turned a catch all room into a functional office that was very pleasing to the eye. What a miracle worker!
- Lindsay H. (Durham, NC)

The dumping grounds of my storage area was a place I avoided because of the size of the task it represented. However, it didn't even phase Lindsay as she assessed the situation with a smile and rolled up sleeves. She did miracles with the place and it functions exactly how I wanted. Don't try to "figure it out" like I did - hire Lindsay right away!
- Molly C. (Chambersburg, PA)

Lindsay is a little gift! She came by my apartment, and I asked her for a few ideas for our kitchen. She began moving plates, bowls, even furniture! After her time organizing our kitchen, our space feels open, functional, and I even have extra space in cabinets that were overflowing before. My only complaint... we didn't have time for her to organize every room that night! I highly recommend Lindsay!
- Amy P. (New York, NY)

Lindsay helped me tackle the flotsam and jetsam of our busy life with four kids. She spent a few hours a day with us for a week. At the end of each day, I would stand in front of the newly ordered space and just soak in the peace. The joy of an orderly bookshelf! The bliss of a ship-shape linen closet! She worked quietly and diligently, and seemed to intuit how to order the space for my family. When Lindsay left my house, I felt like I had lost 10 pounds!
- Mary M.E. (Raleigh, NC)

Many people think of organization as a cold blooded species but Lindsay's approach leaves you with inspirational warmth and coherency. She seeks to uncover your sense of self within home culture and express it with creative simplicity. Whether you find home organization a luxury or necessity, Lindsay makes it an approachable and down to earth art.
- Katie K. (New York, NY)

Lindsay worked for me for 2 summers and was very dependable and organized.  She was able to take a room and basically turn it around without having to be given much direction.  She is also good at putting things together, such as bookshelves and furniture.  She is prompt and a hard worker.
- Rebecca J., mom of 10 (Cary, NC) 

I have hired Lindsay more than one summer to help me go through rooms, closets, etc. She is so much quicker at organizing than I am and helped me stay focused when we were working together. Worth every penny!
- Karen L. (Cary, NC)