Lindsay works magic. I had been so overwhelmed in our townhome trying to make our closet space work for me and my fiancee. She came, helped pull everything out and created ‘His’ and ‘Her’ spaces using what we had. Everything is accessible, in it's place and the system WORKS. She helped reinvent how I folded to utilize the space and even had time to tackle cleaning up our laundry room.

Absolutely worth every penny + every minute because she takes all the stress away and provides a functional space + system.

- Caity (Raleigh, NC)

In the matter of 3 hours Lindsay took my apartment from what felt to me like a disaster zone to a peaceful place to reside and work. I work from home and my husband and I had outgrown our shared office space. Lindsay is incredibly creative and discovered a way to transform our living room and make room for a work space for me that feels separate while still maintaining enough space for entertaining and living. I feel so much more productive and inspired in my new work space. Lindsay also helped me overhaul my closet and I smile every time I look at it now. What was once an overstuffed, inefficient and unattractive closet has been transformed into an organized and beautiful place to hang my clothes. Lindsay was kind, personable, patient and made me feel completely comfortable as the changes were being made. I am very happy with my experience!

- Holly (Queens, NY)

I cried. Lindsay made me cry. She made my son's room so functional...I'm getting teary eyed writing this.

His room was a disaster only a toddler could create. Now, months later, he still keeps his toys [relatively] organized on his own. Yes, I probably could've organize the room on my own, but with Lindsay's skills, I wouldn't even try. She's really gifted... worth every penny. You get what you pay for :-)

- Kelly (Brooklyn, NY)

"As good as it gets" aptly describes how I feel about the two sessions I had with Lindsay. I had spent hundreds of dollars in my own take at various containers, and at least 100 hours trying to make sense of the sea of stuff I had accumulated and now sits in a studio NYC apartment. Lindsay went through and in a very hands-on way helped me break apart what was actually here, and sorted things in a way that just brought so much more clarity to every nook and cranny I had stored things away in. For the first time in a long time, I know what's in my own apartment and where it is.

At no point was it suggested I purchase a bunch of organizing gear, or look into a system of sorts - Lindsay takes what you have on hand and finds what I think is really the perfect place to store and organize it - and with a speed that left me impressed.

This is the first unconditional 5 star review I've ever left. If you're thinking about organizing, or feeling stressed about making sense of too many things - reach out. Worth every penny.

- Jeremy (Brooklyn, NY)

I worked with Lindsay for the first time this past weekend and I have to say, she's incredible. I say this after interviewing a few other organizers that I found on yelp and offline. In just a mere 3-hour session, my foyer was transformed from one that was unkempt and sloppy to one that is free of clutter and organized. We also organized my bookcase, which was for the longest time, the piece of furniture elicited all sorts of "cluttered" comments from guests. To be honest, I didn't know how to feel after our session. It was mixed bag of emotions - joy, surprise, and honestly, I never thought my foyer could be so neat. This is coming from someone who has spend most of her life in an untidy space. I am really thankful for someone like Lindsay, someone who can just come into a sloppy place without any judgments and truly just want to help make everything neater and more organized. This is my first time working with an organizer and I am happy to say I made the right choice to work with Lindsay. I would definitely recommend and would use her again in the future!

- Allison (Bronx, NY)

Lindsay is AMAZING! She rearranged my chaotic utility closet and cleared out my cluttered dining area.

When reorganizing the utility closet, Lindsay meticulously sorted through each item. ( And we had a lot of knick knacks and tools!) She even organized the tool boxes and sorted the nails and bolts.

The dining area was cluttered with my husband's instruments, amps, and random wires. Again, she quickly organized and wrapped all the wires. And found a dedicated space for each item.

Since she made more space in the closet, we were able to fit his instruments in there, Clearing the dining area!

I love walking into my home to see such a clear and clean space! Now I can start shopping for a new dining table. Thank you so much!

- Y.S. (Yonkers, NY)

I was embarrassed for Lindsay to see my completely unorganized junk pile of a room at first, but it didn't phase her...I actually think it energized her. In a few hours she turned a catch all room into a functional office that was very pleasing to the eye. What a miracle worker!

- Lindsay H. (Durham, NC)

After we moved into our new apartment, we had unpacked our things in the kitchen, but nothing was placed strategically or in a way to be helpful and maximize space. Lindsay worked quickly to move things around and create a flow that is wonderful. It was really cool to watch her work, because while I'm overwhelmed by things like this, her brain seems wired to just see everything so clearly. We worked with her a second time when she consulted with a carpenter to create a plan for custom shelving in two closets in our pre-war apartment. The closets have crazy random angles, so her expertise was invaluable again in maximizing space and organizing our things. I strongly recommend Lindsay's services!

- Jessica (New York, NY)

The dumping grounds of my storage area was a place I avoided because of the size of the task it represented. However, it didn't even phase Lindsay as she assessed the situation with a smile and rolled up sleeves. She did miracles with the place and it functions exactly how I wanted. Don't try to "figure it out" like I did - hire Lindsay right away!

- Molly (Chambersburg, PA)

Lindsay is an amazing organizer. After many years of roommates, my kitchen was a total mess, with no organization and too much junk. Thanks to Lindsay, it's now neat, functional, and intuitive -- a space that I want to cook in instead of avoid. I'd highly recommend her to anyone!

- Cami (New York, NY)

I called Lindsay several weeks ago. I was becoming overwhelmed with the clutter in my apartment and realized I needed someone to work with me. There would be no way I could have gotten rid of the amount of clothing, and accessories without having someone encouraging me.

Lindsay is hard working and professional. In only three 3-hour sessions, I have gotten rid of an accumulation of more than 20 years. Having someone who is supportive and non judgmental makes a difference.

I intend to keep working with Lindsay in order to make my home the sanctuary I envision.

This is an investment in myself and my happiness and if you are hesitant about taking the first step in the journey of organizing your home and your happiness, you definitely should give Lindsay a call.

- Gail (Brooklyn, NY)

Lindsay is a little gift! She came by my apartment, and I asked her for a few ideas for our kitchen. She began moving plates, bowls, even furniture! After her time organizing our kitchen, our space feels open, functional, and I even have extra space in cabinets that were overflowing before. My only complaint... we didn't have time for her to organize every room that night! I highly recommend Lindsay!

- Amy P. (New York, NY)

Lindsay helped me tackle the flotsam and jetsam of our busy life with four kids. She spent a few hours a day with us for a week. At the end of each day, I would stand in front of the newly ordered space and just soak in the peace. The joy of an orderly bookshelf! The bliss of a ship-shape linen closet! She worked quietly and diligently, and seemed to intuit how to order the space for my family. When Lindsay left my house, I felt like I had lost 10 pounds!
- Mary M.E. (Raleigh, NC)

Lindsay heroically took on our kitchen which had never been the same since getting married and having no real place for all our registry items. She asked us what areas we thought in the kitchen worked and what didn't. She asked a lot of thoughtful questions in order to give us the end product we desired while respecting our vision and place. She also left a detailed list of what changes she made and any extra recommendations she thought would help us. Our kitchen is such a cleaner and clearer space now. We are so grateful to her and recommend her to anyone who needs a new eye on how they organize.

- Marnie (Queens, NY)

I am really happy with the output of my work with Lindsay and she is extremely pleasant to work with. De-cluttering can be a very stressful process for me and Lindsay has a way of making one feel at ease. She also is very insightful with offering ideas and solutions for space saving challenges. I highly recommend her.

- Anna (New York, NY)

Many people think of organization as a cold blooded species but Lindsay's approach leaves you with inspirational warmth and coherency. She seeks to uncover your sense of self within home culture and express it with creative simplicity. Whether you find home organization a luxury or necessity, Lindsay makes it an approachable and down to earth art.
- Katie (New York, NY)

Lindsay worked for me for 2 summers and was very dependable and organized. She was able to take a room and basically turn it around without having to be given much direction. She is also good at putting things together, such as bookshelves and furniture. With 9 kids living in my house, there is tons of stuff! She knew just what to do with everything. Lindsay is a hard worker and a joy to work with.

- Rebecca J., mom of 10 (Cary, NC) 

I have hired Lindsay more than one summer to help me go through rooms, closets, etc. She is so much quicker at organizing than I am and helped me stay focused when we were working together. Worth every penny!
- Karen (Cary, NC)

After having a baby, our place was never quite the same. We didn't create enough space for his things too. So finally, a year later, Lindsay came and we finally feel like we have a system for our things and baby's things. She was able to help us totally re-organize our entertainment center, baby's clothes, and our bedroom. I can't wait to have her back to do more!

- Sharon (New York, NY)

My experience with Lindsay was amazing. Very easy to talk and insightful. We were able to organize my daughter’s play area in no time. I would give her 10 stars for a job well done.
- Alice (Bronx, NY)

Lindsay is amazing! She took my husband's home office, which had gotten messier and messier over the years, to the point that he no longer could even work in there, and transformed it! We had tried to do it many times - I would sort papers, files, office supplies, etc - but everything would just eventually get messy again because it wasn't organized in a way that worked for him. Lindsay's gift is that she can size up a room and its spaces, talk to you about how you use it, and then figure out the best way to organize and put everything in the best place, for the most effective use of that space. She's fast, too - she gets so much done in a short amount of time. Highly recommended!

- Rebecca P. (Cary, NC)

I hired Lindsay through a friend's recommendation, I've hired her many times... she's to me a time and a life saver! She's quiet, polite, fast, and organized.. I should've taken before and after pictures, she's the best!!
- Haifa (New York, NY)

I thought my guest room/office was in okay shape, but I decided to give Lindsay's services a spin anyways. I was SO impressed by how much more clarity she brought to this room in our house, making it way easier to run my small business, and also to transition from work to hosting when we have guests stay with us. She's super fast, and comes up with creative solutions on the spot, so that you don't have to go out and buy any kind of fancy organizing containers. Pretty cool to see how she innovated solutions for a myriad of storage problems so quickly! Our guest room/office is now a place that's thoroughly functional and peaceful. Highly recommend Lindsay's services.
- Abby (Durham, NC)

Lindsay helped kick my butt into gear about getting my kitchen and my closets organized. And helped find a ton of wasted space.

- Lauri (New York, NY)

It's funny how you are embarrassed to have an organizer see your mess-excuse, reasons, justifications.... Lindsay made me feel comfortable and made my horribly messed up office work! It's like she equipped it to work as it should, in a way that I could continue it 'on that path.' Was flexible with my schedule.
- Darren (Cary, NC)

Lindsay was great. Quickly assessed what we needed and worked tirelessly. We worked together really well. We are very happy with the result and plan on hiring her again.

- Sean (New York, NY)

Jema from Peace In Place came to help me organize my second bedroom. She was so nice and on time. She helped me get my room organized and I was so happy when we were done. She even helped me take some of the things I was throwing away downstairs in my condo building. I would highly recommend this company as well as use them again.
- Keely (New York, NY)

gathered from private feedback + public reviews on Google, Yelp, and Thumbtack